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TMS Data Science Offers  Sap Course in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad.The SAP Software system was developed in 1971 by five IBM engineers, Hopp, Wellenreuther, Hector, Tschira and Plattner, who worked together on an internal project. In June 1972, they left IBM and founded the SAP company.

What is SAP software used for?
Traditional business models often decentralise data management, with each business function storing its own operational data in a separate database. This makes it difficult for employees from different business functions to access each other’s information. Furthermore, duplication of data across multiple departments increases IT storage costs and the risk of data errors.

By centralising data management, SAP software provides multiple business functions with a single view of the truth. This helps companies better manage complex business processes by giving employees of different departments easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise. As a result, businesses can accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency,raise productivity and ultimately increase profits.

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