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TMS Data Science has introduced the Best MSBI Training in Dilsukhnagar.☎+91-7569649640,  SQL Server Reporting (SSRS), SQL Server Integration (SSIS) SQL Server Analysis (SSAS) Service training institute in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad India Micro Soft Business Intelligence Training in Dilsukhnagar

MSBI Online Training in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad India

MSBI Course Content





Database,Table creation











Data Sources

Query Design

Creating New Project

Create a New Report

Creating Shared Data Source

Create Shared Dataset

Combine Two Datasets




List of Report Items

New Table Report

Create Table using Report Wizard

Creating a New Matrix

Create Matrix Report Using Report Wizard

Display Image in Report

Add TextBox to Report


—-Basic Reports——


Add Grouping 

Create a Report using SQL Views

Create a Report using SQL Stored Procedure

Add Totals, and Subtotals to Reports

Add, Or Remove Headers and Footers on Reports

Export Reports to PDF, XML, Excel, Word




Format Table 

Changing Font and Background Color 

Format Numbers 

Format Date and Time in a Report

Repeat Headers on Each Page

Headers Visible 


Filters at Dataset Level

Sorting Data 

Add Row Numbers to Report




Calculated Fields


Drill Down Reports

Drill Through Action

Matrix Drill Down

Page Breaks




Deploy Reports





New Project creation

Create Data Source

Cube Design with SQL Server Data Tools

Data Source View

Add or Remove Tables from Data Source View

Difference between Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema

Create Dimensions

Creating OLAP Cube

How to Create Cube Dimensions

Difference between Cube Dimension and Database Dimension

How to Create Named Calculations


Creating Measure Groups





Connection Managers

SSIS Connection Managers Introduction

OLE DB Connection Manager

ADO Connection Manager

ADO.NET Connection Manager

Cache Connection Manager

EXCEL Connection Manager

Create my first SSIS Package




How to Load Tab Delimited File To SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

How to Load Pipe Delimited File into SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

How to Load Multiple Comma Delimited Files to SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

How to Load Fixed  Width Text File to SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

How to load Data From Comma Delimited text file to SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

How to convert blank values to Null in Flat File Source in SSIS Package

How to use Raw File Source in SSIS Package

Fast Parse Flat File Source Property in SSIS Package 

How to use Stored Procedure with Parameters in OLE DB Source in Data Flow Task in SSIS Package 


—-Flow Tasks———


Bulk Insert Task

Data Profiling Task

Execute T-SQL Statement Task

SSIS Execute SQL Task

Introduction to Execute SQL Task

Truncate Table using Execute SQL Task – Result Set None

Execute SQL Task – Single Row Result Set

Executing SQL Task – Full Result Set 

Execute Package Task

Executing Packages in File System

Execute Packages in SQL Server

Executing Packages present in the Same Project

File System Task

Copy Directory

Copy File

Delete Directory Content

Move Directory

Delete Directory

Move File

Move Multiple Files

Delete File

Rename File

Set Attributes

FTP Task

Send Files

Send Multiple Files

Receive Files

Receive Multiple Files

Delete Local Files

Create Remote Directory

Delete Remote Directory

Create a Local Directory

Delete Local Directory

Delete Remote Files

Script Task

Transfer SQL Server Objects Task

Transferring SQL Server Tables with Data

Transfer SQL Server Table Structures without Data

Transferring SQL Server Stored Procedures

Transfer SQL Server User-Defined Function

Transferring SQL Server Views




Deploy Project using SQL Server

Use SQL Deployment Wizard to Deploy Project



Error Handling

Event Handlers



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